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Every story has its form and way it wishes to be told. Sometimes it’s a comic, sometimes it’s an editioned book, a cartoon or a graphic novel, a couple of drawings. All I do is telling it.


Beldan uses drawing, collage and text to create stand-alone works and comic scenarios.


She has given workshops and master classes, participated in comic jams and exhibitions in Amsterdam, New York, London, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Beirut and Aleppo.

In 2006 she started the online cartoon It's a miss egg's world!,  telling the monthly adventures of a little female egg and her sperm friends.

In 2008 her animated cartoon From the Diaries of Two Breasts premiered at the Pink Film Days  in Amsterdam.

Her short comic "A girl named Halt" was published by MatchBoox as a matchbox-book in 2009 and has become a collectors item by now.

in 2011 she won the Three-in-One Chapbook Contest Prize for her graphic short stories Fear City, Girls, and Demons.

Her first graphic-murder mystery Zakkum was first installed in a museum space (frauenmuseum Wiesbaden) as a giant walk though book and published in 2011 by Treehouse Press, London. Zakkum was listed for the 2012 Lambda Literary Award.

In 2012 she became a member of arti et amicitiae.

#Gezi Park, her first work as a comic reporter was listed for the 2014 Lambda Literary Award.

Her second graphic novel Snapshots of a Girl has been published in April 2014 by Becco Giallo as Sulla Mia Pelle. During the two years of making the book she was a regular guest blogger for Becco Giallo. In 2015  Arsenal Pulp Press published Snapshots of a Girl.

She was awarded with a 2015 Global Arts Fund Award by the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Beldan is an alumni of D.R.A.P. and the League Residency at Vyt. 

Her recent editioned books are represented by Booklyn. Institutional collectors are The New York Public Library, Grinnell College, University of Delaware, Standford University and the Library of Congress.


: review by Andrea Kirsh/ the artblog/ june 2011 

"Sezen is sophisticated about visual story-telling and employs various conventions of comics and film to tell her story, such as changes of focus, jump cuts, and first-person narrative where the protagonist’s internal life parallels the larger story."