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Work in progress

The HUB PROJECT:  The 9 times 9 lives of Mosia C. Mulcram

An installation of sound, text and (motion-) comics into an architectural space.

Jamika Ajalon (text, music) | Beldan Sezen (graphics) collaboration

A new body of work telling the story of a modern Harriet Tubman, traveling through time and space addressing the issues of gender, trafficking and immigration. It explores the possibilities of alternative book forms, telling a story narrative through images, poetry and soundscapes to be installed in an architectural space.

"First time it happened to me I was dreaming. It was only when I woke up that I realised I wasn't dreaming. I had gone somewhere else, been someone else and each of these characters are distinct... separate from me though connected.

Each 'woman' had the same mission. In each life crossing a border, a line, was essential to save lives... for a new hope , a new beginning .... from a restricted reality into possibility... from bondage into freedom."