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In Vicenza April 25th

Me and "Sulla Mia Pelle" got invited by Bocciodromo Vicenza for the "Italian Liberation Day" on April 25th for my first book presentation.

Together with sweet Christan from BeccoGiallo Editore I arrived on a day where the city center was closed off due to a bomb from WWII they found (that took me back in time), learned that Italy actually is quite relaxed (more than 60% are in favour for gay marriage) but italian politics are in a deadlock by the Vatican (as for the new pope, don't believe the hype!), Bunga-Bunga-guy is "punished" helping the elderly for 4 hours a week (on monday mornings) and can do the rest of his week as he pleases, mussolini's daughter is still alive and pretty much a homophobic ass, family is strong (as is the coffee) and the lesbians and queers I met are fierce! So far, all bella Italia! 

Oh and Venice looks like a fairytale from the airplane window.

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