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summer update

Forgive me to not get back at you sooner, as you probably can imagine I hardly left the drawing table. So now I finally take a moment to share my summer's accomplishments and joys!

First of all, Snapshots of a Girl will be done soon! 

BeccoGiallo's publishing date is set for the end of October 2013 leaving me with SIX more weeks to finish the book! Right now we are working on the editing of the text and Italian translation. The image attached is page 96 from the chapter "Coming out to my mother - part 2".

I also had the opportunity for two graphic shorts this summer! 

One about Gezi Park, impressions on the recent uprising in Istanbul, Turkey from the end of May 2013 until June 18th. BeccoGiallo is publishing it as an ebook and one of the 35 pages are part of the exhibition "#direngezi - the gezipark movement in cartoons and comics" (in dutch) currently traveling the Netherlands.

The other, HOMŒ is part of the anthology Soul Crime for Italian publisher Round Robin. The book, with an introduction by Stan Lee and Mathew Modine, is a collection of graphic novels inspired to true crime stories set in New York City.

Both shorts were done in two weeks time giving me just enough of a break from the Snapshots to return to them fresh! Call me crazy but I do enjoy my work.

Looking forward to keeping you posted and thank you one more time for your support in which ever way!  Don't be shy to get back to me for any further curiosity you might have.

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