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"Talk more about your work- it reaches far- I send you lots of love" - An update on my indiegogo campaign

My facebook friend Hanadi just posted: "talk more about your work- it reaches far- I send you lots of love" and I thought I share my answer with you:

Thank you, dear Hanadi for taking The Girl all the way to Aleppo! I hope all is well with you, your loved ones. 

As for my work, well I was surprised when during my trip to Beirut where I was part of a comics exhibition those (sweet) Italian publishers asked me if I want to make a book about my life. My immediate reaction was NO for I couldn't imagine why my young (yes, I am still in that illusion) life would be interesting for any body else. Let alone for an Italian audience. 


Well, they begged to differ. All they wanted me was to talk about my coming out(s), what it is for a Turkish women who was born and raised in Germany to come to terms with her sexuality. The difficulties to live an open, (economical, emotional) independent life as a lesbian was something of importance even for an Italian audience where homosexuality is still measured by the values of the catholic church. It dawned to me that there seemed to be a more global common core experience that is shared, until today, regardless the many different national, religious, economic influences. 

In conversations with friends of my own generation the will of wanting to make to book took shape. As someone whose core believe is her right to be, outspoken and visible in any way she, herself sees fit with no harm to herself or others I wanted to share glimpses of my life. Snapshots if you will...

Help make it happen for Snapshots of a Girl on @indiegogo

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