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baCk frOm beRliN!

The opening of the “Personally Political – Contemporary Sensation” Drawing: exhibition at the Art House Tacheles was way cool!

Barbara Fragogna, the curator, put a lovely exhibition & catalogue together with a variety of artists all of them showing a high quality of work that easily responded to the exhibition's theme.

Furthermore, it was surprisingly good to be in Berlin once again. Haven't been there in more than two years...

Well, here are some artists and spots I met and came across while walking/talking the streets of berlin:

Jamika Ajalon (my heads still buzzin'), TekTek (coolest shirts, limited editions, ecologically AND economically correct! ), Adwoa Hackman (juuust music!), Goal - eine Welt für Fussball (dykes rule!) and the Kuma gallery (cooldudes!).

Last but NOT least my (still) favorite hang out place for coffee&tart or beer&tart, the "Bierhimmel".

And, as you can see my piece got noticed. Ha!