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Iron Bunnies Hop

Iron Bunnies Hop

I met a soldier who is a member of the special sniper unit of the International Criminal Court here in The Netherlands. Questioning the price for my freedom I accepted his offer to join him at the indoor shooting range. I was curious about how I’d deal with shooting with a rifle and a handgun. I was surprised to experience and enjoy the soberness of a physical workout and the immense respect I felt for the bullet, not the gun. 

Drawing the parts of an up to its items dismantled revolver with the trigger and the bold looking like bunnies I visualise my confrontation and inner observations during my encounter with the bullet and the gun. By transferring the drawings and text into carefully chosen recycled news prints I put my personal encounter into the context of current threads of social unrest, terrorist attacks and jingoism.

Publication Date: 2017
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium:  paint, ink, graphite powder, acryl paint
Dimensions: 28.0 cm W x 30.0 cm H 2.0 cm
Pages: 74
Edition Size: 13
Price:  USD 3600.00



Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS) 2018

NYCManhattan Fine Press Book Fair 2017

Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2017 (LAABF 2017)

Codex International Book Art Fair 2017


Library of Congress

University of Delaware  Library

Grinnell College

Wesleyan University

Stanford University

Smith College, Mortimer Rare Book Collection 

University of Colorado at Boulder

St. Olaf College

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