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Iron Bunnies Hop

Recently I met a soldier who is a member of the special sniper unit of the International Criminal Court here in The Netherlands. Questioning the price for my freedom I accepted his offer to join him at the indoor shooting range. I was curious about how I’d deal with shooting with a rifle and a handgun. I was surprised to experience and enjoy the soberness of a physical workout and the immense respect I felt for the bullet, not the gun. 

Drawing the parts of an up to its items dismantled revolver with the trigger and the bold looking like bunnies I visualise my confrontation and inner observations during my encounter with the bullet and the gun. By transferring the drawings and text into carefully chosen recycled news prints I put my personal encounter into the context of current threads of social unrest, terrorist attacks and jingoism.

Publication Date: 2017
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium:  paint, ink, graphite powder, acryl paint
Dimensions: 28.0 cm W x 30.0 cm H 2.0 cm
Pages: 74
Edition Size: 8
Price:  USD 3600.00


Library of Congress

University of Delaware  Library

Grinnell College