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Home of the Brave

“These are our crackhead years”, Max S. Gordon writes in his essay On Addiction and Donald Trump. This made me wonder and muse. What if America would enter rehab? How would such an AA commitment turn out? Could it be beneficial for a nation that has to deal with a seemingly unbridgeable gap amongst its people?

To talk openly about complicities and heartbreak for a false dream is a true challenge in the realm of those tiring and hurtful binaries. Pointing fingers to the perpetual “other” is key in maintaining the status quo. It takes bravery to face and admit one's addiction and helplessness. Home of the Brave asks us the people for just that.

Publication Date: 2019
Edition size: 15
Medium: photo transfer, pencil, typewritten on butchers paper
Dimensions: W 7’’ x H 8 1/2’’ x D 0.08’’  (W17.5 cm x H 21.5 cm x D 0.4 cm)
Pages: 42 


Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, School of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston/ Tufts University, Amherst College, University of Connecticut (UCONN)