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This is the new Turkey...

The other night while sitting with friends in a pub in our neighbourhood, a district in Istanbul known for it's, let's just say liberal and international character, we heard a group of men chanting "Ya Allah Bismillah Allahu Ekber" in the streets. Alarmed by a gun shot (into the air because that's what real men do, they shoot aimlessly into the air) we went and looked. Today the news outlet birgunnet reports another similar incident that happened yesterday by probably the same group who harassed people outside with stick and bottles until one neighbour managed to scare them off by pulling out a gun, too. 

It's not really related to the incident but 'they' vote for a god and a party who builds mosques instead of hospitals (which are disappearing more and more in this city) and complain angrily to an overwhelmed hospital staff when 'they' don't get helped RIGHT AWAY! As a tired doctor dared to say" Why don't they go to 'their' mosques!"

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